Tips & Tricks: Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension

When creating manufacturing documentation for an electrical harness that has complex routing around the digital product, it can be difficult to obtain costings and lead-time data from both internal and third party manufactures just by looking at the 3D model.

If the information you provide to your harness manufactures cannot be used directly by your manufacturer, then it is highly likely you are paying your manufacturer to create the documentation—resulting in increased lead times. Furthermore, when you have a late design change, you have to pay your manufacturer a second time to update the drawings—further increasing costs and lead times.

If your harnesses have long lead times and costs are fluctuating, then its time you took a look at Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension (HMX).

Creo HMX has been designed to provide fully detailed documentation in a consistent layout, which can be used by harness manufactures directly on the shop floor.  Any designer can create the documentation with just a couple of mouse clicks. Creo HMX does all of the work. Plus, if there is a design change, no problem, the documentation is re-created to same format as before.  

Image: This complex harness has 61 wires. It took Creo HMX under two minutes to generate a drawing (shown below) of this assembly after the Flatten Harness button was clicked.

Creo HMX can quickly document your assembly’s wire harnesses. To easily create harness manufacturing documentation, follow these steps:

  1. With your assembly open, select Applications > Harness Mfg. The Harness Manufacturing Extension dialog window opens.
  2. Specify manufacturing documentation settings on the Harness Manufacturing Extension dialog as shown below. 

  1. Once you are happy with the settings, click Flatten Harness. Creo HMX extracts harness information and creates the manufacturing documentation for the selected harnessas shown below.

Image: It takes Creo HMX a few minutes, rather than hours, to generate this entire drawing.

Elements of the harness documentation example 

The harness documentation generated in the example above includes the following:

A from/to table that lists the wire/cable color and length, and describes each wire’s routing.

A fully annotated stick layout. This component is a flattened sketch of the harness that includes reference designator information, BOM balloons, and dimensions. A portion of the stick layout is below. Note: Some manual intervention is required when a harness has a large number of connectors close to one another.

A pin-out tablefor each of the harness’s connectors.

A 3D view of the harness.

A materials list.

More information about harness drawings is available on this Help Center page About Harness Manufacturing Drawing.

To learn more about the Creo Harness Manufacturing Extension, register for a free Learning Exchange login, and then watch this video.

You can also review the Creo Help Center page About Creo Harness Manufacturing.