Download Creo 4.0 Now!

It’s here! Creo 4.0 is now available to download for supported Creo users and anybody who just wants to try it out for 30 days. Here’s everything you need to know to get started:

Where can I find Creo 4.0?

We’ve created a web page just for this new release. You can reach it here: Creo 4.0.

Link to Creo 4 information and downloads

Why should I download Creo 4.0?

Creo 4.0 is packed with features you’ll need to build tomorrow’s products.

  • Adopting model-based definition? Creo 4.0 will make sure your global dimensioning and tolerancing is complete and meets standards.
  • Need to sell your ideas? Use the new rendering capabilities,  make your models look better than real.
  • Want lighter weight designs? Want them faster? Try our tools for creating and optimizing lattice structures (which you can then send to additive manufacturing with the push of a button). In fact, you can design, validate, optimize, and print-check all your 3D printed models all within Creo.

Variable lattice assistance available in Creo 4.0

Variable lattice structures are now easy to manufacture with new additive manufacturing techniques. Creo 4.0 makes them easier to design and optimize from within your 3D CAD system.

And if you already work with Creo 3.0 or before, you’ll love the productivity enhancements. In fact, some of our long-time users say that the changes alone to the workflows and UI make this one of our best releases ever.

Intelligent tools bars make model tree and ribbon optional in Creo 4.0

A new intelligent mini-toolbar ensures designers no longer have to use the model tree or ribbon. In fact, since they can do everything from the graphics screen, Creo 4.0 provides an option that hides everything but the graphics window.

What’s next for Creo 4.0?

In a few months, we’ll also add tools so you can visualize your designs using augmented reality, getting a more realistic sense of size, scale and context.

An augmented reality motorcycle hovers over a table

Users will be able to create their own augmented reality experiences with Creo 4.0.

And finally, we’re adding Creo Product Insight in Summer 2017. This will help you place and optimize sensors and set your products up to collect important data in the real world. In short, you will be able to effectively design your products for the Internet of Things.

Get started today

Creo 4.0 is now available for download. Visit the Creo 4.0 page to find out more about this exciting new release and start using it today.

Link to Creo 4 information and downloads