Creo 3.0 Keyboard Shortcuts Power Users Love

Keyboard shortcuts. Nothing inspires confidence in our mad CAD modeling skills like using a quick ALT+R to switch to the Render tab.  In fact, you might already use universal keyboard commands for cutting (Ctrl-X) and pasting (Ctrl+V). But as you work more in your Creo 3D CAD software, you might also like a few added tricks for getting around.

So we asked Mike Smith, PTC technical support engineer, to share his favorites. Here’s what he told us: 

[Ed. Note that these shortcuts apply to Creo 3.0. “Significant” shortcut and UI improvements are coming in Creo 4.0, says Smith.]

PTC technical support engineer, Mike Smith, shares favorite keyboard tricks and shortcuts

PTC Technical Support Engineer, Mike Smith, shares his favorite Creo shortcuts

Hitting Reset

Try this set of shortcuts when you’re ready to go back the bigger picture:

●      Ctrl+G regenerates the model after you make an Edit (as opposed to Edit Definition), or after you make changes to relations, parameters, etc.

●      Ctrl+ D resets the model back to default view. Nice after a few rounds of zooming, spinning, and panning.

●      Ctrl+R repaints the screen, which is necessary to update a drawing after changing system settings like datum display. It also helps remove screen artifacts, like highlighted items that are no longer selected.

More Quick Tips

Not all of these are shortcut keys, but they still may be useful to you.

●      The Esc key is useful to quickly cancel a ribbon menu. It’s so simple we often forget to use it. Instead of clicking on another part of the screen to make a menu disappear, simply tap the escape key.

●       Middle click the mouse to complete a feature or instead of clicking the OK button in a dialog box.

●      When you’re sketching and need to toggle the constraint settings, a quick right click on the mouse gives you the option to lock, disable, or enable constraints (more here).

●      Need to select a specific piece of geometry in a busy design? Right clicking will highlight your possible selections. Each additional right click steps through the list. Left click the desired geometry to select it.

●      Find yourself doing the same set of actions but don’t have a shortcut for it? Use the Mapkeys feature in Creo to record several actions in sequence (think macros in Microsoft Office). Once you’ve created a mapkey, the system assigns that set of actions to a function key on the keyboard, or to a mouse button. Tap the key or button and set those actions in motion.

●      Ctrl and Alt keys with mouse clicks help you position components while assembling them. Using Ctrl+Alt+RMB (right mouse button) moves the component within its remaining degrees of freedom.

Commands for reorienting components with mouse and keystrokes.

Commands for reorienting components with mouse and keystrokes.

If you aren’t already using these shortcuts, give your mouse a rest and incorporate them into your daily design routines. To find out more shortcuts, click F10 to see all the Alt keyboard shortcuts on a screen. If you have a support log in, you can also download the Creo 3.0 Quick Reference Card (PDF).

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