Aliva Develops Concrete Equipment 50% Faster with PTC Creo

You can spray on hair, spray on a tan, and even spray on fabric. What about spray on concrete? Yes, and it’s great for retaining walls, swimming pools, skate parks, tunnels, and even the rock-scapes at your local zoo. Known as “shotcrete,” spray on concrete has been used in the construction and mining industries for decades. Shotcrete goes places where poured concrete just doesn’t work.

As you can imagine, it takes some powerful equipment to spray on concrete.

Shotcrete uses a dry mix or a wet mix technique. A dry mix system (also called gunite) pulls dry ingredients into a hopper and through a hose to a special spray nozzle. The operator (known as the nozzleman) adds water into the spray nozzle. For a wet mix, ready-mixed concrete is pumped through the hose to the nozzle. Both techniques typically use compressed air to spray the concrete mixture.

Aliva Equipment, part of the Swedish-based Sika Group, is a leading designer and manufacturer of machinery for shotcrete systems and boasts more than 70 distributors worldwide.  Equipment ranges from manual sprayers for smaller projects to boom-operated spray machines for large applications, along with accessories like nozzles, liquid additive machines, spraying arms, and pumps.

Always looking for ways to improve shotcrete technology, Aliva designed a new spray nozzle called the Aliva Converto that makes it easy for the nozzleman to switch between wet and dry spray applications.

Aliva Converto shotcrete nozzle. The yellow ring is for dry spraying, and the red ring is for wet spraying.

The new nozzle design provides more ergonomic and safe handling for manual applications with a new grip, plus it allows for more versatility on the job for both manual and machine spraying.

Another recent innovation Aliva successfully pursued was accelerating its design processes and improving efficiency by adopting state-of-the-art 3D CAD technology. The company upgraded from Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire to PTC Creo to gain a broad range of powerful, yet flexible 3D CAD capabilities.

And that’s not all. To support the software, Aliva invested in updated hardware that included 64-bit workstations with graphics optimized for PTC Creo. With this technology investment, Aliva gave its designers the tools they need to accelerate the development process.

How is the investment paying off? The Aliva team is experiencing significant time savings in multiple areas:

  • 50% time savings when working with large assemblies. PTC Creo features a faster, smarter approach to loading assemblies and exploring data interactively.
  • 20% acceleration of daily work with quick access to commands and draggers. A new interface, consistent workflows, and an intuitive 3D Dragger simplify common tasks.
  • 30% faster at drawing creation. The free PTC Creo Sketch utility creates freehand 2D concept designs that transfer right into PTC Creo.
  • 50% less time spent for error handling. PTC Creo lets you proceed even with incomplete references. Errors are clearly displayed so you can address them later.

Hundreds of new capabilities in PTC Creo contributed to enhancing design productivity at Aliva and at other companies that have made the switch. With flexible solutions and the ability to expand its capabilities with add-on extensions as your needs grow, PTC Creo is a solution for today’s designs and for the future.

Will it work for your company? Download your 30-day free trial and find out!