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ThingWorx Connect Product Brief

Standardize connectivity to devices, applications, and systems for a centralized source of IIoT data.

The key to success for any industrial IoT implementation is frequently determined by the extent of interoperability between the IIoT platform and the devices, systems, and processes throughout the enterprise.

The “things” that make up an industrial enterprise– factory equipment, machines, hardware, tools, assets in the field – represent a rich source of valuable data that has remained largely untapped. IIoT solutions enable connectivity to things to access data – and then communicate that data back to the enterprise where it can be used, stored, or integrated into other applications and systems.

But connectivity in an industrial setting is often wrought with challenges, as many operations remain teeming with disparate or legacy devices and ad hoc systems.

Most businesses are not in a position to replace entire fleets of equipment, and thus, seek out an IIoT platform solution to facilitate digital transformation in the enterprise.

The ThingWorx IIoT Solutions Platform connects industrial assets to derive data directly from devices, assets, and enterprise systems, providing a single source for industrial operations data. ThingWorx provides the underlying connectivity infrastructure essential to getting connected and scaling IIoT solutions quickly.

ThingWorx Makes It Possible to:

  • Access industrial IoT and application data from on-premise web servers, off premise cloud applications, and hybrid environments
  • Eliminate issues with latency, cost, and security using edge computing capabilities to collect and aggregate data at the source
  • Operationalize industrial data to extract actionable insights within minutes via integration with platform components and third-party systems
  • Meet site security requirements with secure, authenticated, and encrypted communications across varying network topologies via SSL and TLS