Unlocking the value of your data

Your operational data has the potential to be a limitless resource to drive improvements. But with petabytes of data being generated, how can you find the signals in the noise? Without data scientists, how can you automate a way to learn and form predictions from real time data?

The ThingWorx industrial IoT solutions platform is purpose-built to simplify a robust analytics strategy. By removing the barriers to data analytics, you can focus on the benefits and value of your data—like optimizing efficiency, predicting problems, and preventing downtime.

How ThingWorx automates analytics

Drawing out insights from your industrial data is one the biggest benefits of the IoT. But making the leap from connectivity to analytics has historically required expertise in data modeling, complex mathematics, statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, or machine learning.

ThingWorx has solved for the inherent challenges and barriers to analytics with AI to automate learning, and tools to construct new analytics models—without data science expertise.

Analytics Server
Platform Analytics
Analytics Extensions

Analytics Server

The analytics engine simplifies and automates complex analytics using sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning to create, operationalize, and maintain advanced intelligence from IoT data. The Analytics Server details how a model was created, scores against validation data, and uncertainty range, providing deeper insights to accompany the data output.

Platform Analytics

ThingWorx contains native analytics capabilities that deliver reliable, actionable insights to applications built on the ThingWorx platform. Models are created using automated machine learning, which delivers diagnostic, predictive and prescriptive outputs via an intuitive user interface.

Analytics Extensions

Tools and interfaces are available in Analytics Extensions to widen the native analytics functionality of the ThingWorx platform, further operationalizing data models. Analytics Extensions includes the Analytics Builder, which provides an interactive user interface to create and manage advanced models for use in ThingWorx-powered solutions, and the Analytics Manager, an integration framework to connect external computational and simulation providers into IIoT applications.

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