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IoT deployments have never been easier


ThingWorx is purpose-built to simplify scalable and secure IoT solutions. Drag-and-drop functionality eliminates manual coding and other time-consuming tasks. It’s easy to deploy high-quality IoT applications, dashboards, workspaces, and mobile interfaces to meet the needs of your organization. Connecting to the Thing Model, a true digital twin of a device or process, enables rapid development and seamless integration of IoT data across your systems.

How ThingWorx simplifies industrial IoT deployments

Simplifying the deployment of IoT applications requires ThingWorx to address several areas of development, including visual management of the “things” in your internet of things, codeless development models, and tools for administering functionality.


ThingWorx Composer

ThingWorx Mashup Builder

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A digital representation of your physical assets, systems, people, organizational elements, or work processes, made up of real-time data. The ThingModel enables rapid creation of a broad range of IoT features and functionality.

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ThingWorx Composer

An application development environment which enables administration, service and logic authoring, model building, and system configuration, resulting in high levels of efficiency and reuse.

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ThingWorx Mashup Builder

A “drag-and-drop” user interface builder that allows developers and business users to make interactive applications, dashboards, collaborative workspaces, and mobile interfaces—without code.

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