IoT Device Management

Centrally administer, manage, and maintain your physical and digital assets to keep them running at peak performance.

Take control of your IIoT management


Connecting and monitoring your assets and systems to a central IIoT provides immediate value—but sustained success means you have to be able to administer and control those devices through the IIoT. ThingWorx is purpose-built to not only connect and gain insights into connected assets, but to centrally operate and optimize those assets.

IoT device management in ThingWorx

Effective administration of assets is essential to ongoing success of an industrial IoT implementation. Users across business functions must be able to manage day-to-day IIoT operations with ease.

ThingWorx out-of-the-box functions and applications ensure optimal performance of assets and operations. These capabilities empower operations to provide substantial value in the form of increased uptime, reduced costs, role-based visibility and control, and improved compliance.

ThingWorx Solution Central

ThingWorx Flow

ThingWorx Software Content Management

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ThingWorx Solution Central

Efficiently discover, deploy, and manage ThingWorx applications across the enterprise, from a single, cloud-hosted location.

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ThingWorx Flow

Easily manage information across enterprise systems to automate business processes and accelerate time to value.

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ThingWorx Software Content Management

Reduce the complexity of mass software distribution with a secure, reliable interface to your remote assets.

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