IoT Data Visualization

Access valuable insights in your IIoT data. Use ThingWorx dashboards, applications, and tools to empower employees with the right data at the right time.

Improve operations with actionable IoT dashboards

Data is a powerful part of digital transformation. Its potential is only limited by how you’re using it. ThingWorx ensures data is highly available, consistent, accurate, and presented to your workforce in an actionable way. This allows your employees to take immediate measures that are guided by real-time data. Shape user experiences and contextualize data to help users be more productive and responsive.

How ThingWorx optimizes IoT data visualization

With oceans of data, and a multitude of different roles, how can you get the right information to the right employees, at the right time? ThingWorx IoT visualization tools provide the flexibility to filter and contextualize data so that it is consumable and actionable.

Compelling Visual Experiences
Real-Time Data Insights
Seamless Integration With Vuforia

Compelling Visual Experiences

Translate data into compelling visualizations—so that employees can be more agile and collaborative. ThingWorx users can easily build dashboards with customized views of connected devices, system status, and alerts. Dynamic user interfaces for desktop, web, and mobile applications enhance engagement.

Real-Time Data Insights

ThingWorx uses data from sensors, applications, and systems to deliver contextualized information. Through device monitoring, ThingWorx users engage with IoT data in real-time. Users can assess system status, detect anomalies in data, and provide effective guidance to service employees.

Seamless Integration With Vuforia

ThingWorx and Vuforia contextualized industrial loT data and deliver via AR experiences. Vuforia experiences are accessed easily across the organization on mobile or wearable devices, enabling meaningful 3D interactions with facilities, processes, and equipment.

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