The IIoT begins with industrial connectivity

Connectivity is the first step to unlocking digital transformation—you can’t implement IIoT solutions if you can’t connect to your assets. But in complex manufacturing and service environments, connectivity can seem like an insurmountable challenge. 

The ThingWorx IIoT solutions platform solves this challenge with powerful connectivity capabilities. ThingWorx makes it easy to establish standardized connectivity, so you can create a secure, single-source for accessing industrial data across your IT and OT systems.


IoT connectivity isn’t one size fits all

The diversity of industrial assets, products, and systems can make standardizing connectivity a serious challenge. Factory floors can contain countless protocols and PLCs; many vital pieces of workhorse equipment predate connectivity altogether. Introducing connected service can be similarly challenging for product makers with generations of customer equipment already in the field. If these challenges weren’t enough, digital transformation requires integrating OT data with IT systems outside the shop floor or service truck.

Because there is no single solution for standardizing connectivity, ThingWorx offers a suite of integrated tools—each designed to address unique industrial IoT connectivity requirements.


ThingWorx Kepware
ThingWorx Flow
ThingWorx Connection Services

ThingWorx Kepware

With over 150 different drivers, ThingWorx Kepware ensures standardized, industrial connectivity across the most heterogeneous set of equipment and assets.

ThingWorx Flow

Designed to streamline daily operations, ThingWorx Flow dramatically reduces the time and skills required to connect to enterprise systems and devices. ThingWorx Flow offers a range of out of the box and custom connectors to enterprise systems.

ThingWorx Connection Services

Secure, embeddable, and easily deployable communications for connecting sensors, devices, and equipment across any network topology or communication scenario. Supports edge-to-cloud architectures, including Microsoft Azure®.

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