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ThingWorx Build Product Brief

Simplify the Creation of Connected Applications to Fast-Track Digital Transformation

Building and implementing Industrial IoT (IIoT) solutions for the enterprise is a mission with wide-reaching impacts. ThingWorx provides the tools and technologies required to simplify the creation of complete IIoT applications that are also configurable and customizable—critical factors to the success of any digital transformation strategy.

The role of the ThingWorx IIoT platform is to provide the foundation and building blocks for specific industrial use cases, provide the capabilities to tailor applications as needed, and facilitate a repeatable process that minimizes time and effort required to build future applications.

Robust in infrastructure and interoperability, ThingWorx simplifies the development of applications with real-time, bi-directional connectivity to devices, systems, and processes, enabling seamless integration of IIoT data throughout the organization.

By digitally transforming assets, people, and processes, ThingWorx empowers industrial organizations to be uniquely innovative – to think outside the box, create new solutions, enhance current product offerings, establish new business models, and set and achieve new revenue and performance goals across the enterprise

ThingWorx Makes It Possible to:

  • Create and deploy industrial IoT solutions that speed time to market using model-driven application design
  • Operationalize insights, predictions, and recommendations across enterprise functions with automated IoT data to enhance decision-making
  • Detect changes in behavior and operating conditions in real-time, minimizing time to resolution, if a problem was to occur
  • Optimize performance outcomes using prescriptive and simulative analytics that diagnose problems and generate recommendations across functions