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The Power of Now

The Time is Now.

Recent years have seen an explosion of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) as enterprises of all shapes and sizes have been implementing new, innovative, smart solutions in pursuit of digital transformation.

After years of slowing productivity and fragmented demand across many industrial segments, innovation is long overdue. Significant forces, such as increased globalization and commoditization, have compelled industrial enterprises to explore new service-oriented, revenue-boosting business models and to reallocate resources to digital technologies and solutions.

What we're seeing now is the Fourth Industrial Revolution or Industry 4.0 which has become the fastest growing market for IoT. But—as with nearly any period of great structural change—the race to digital transformation is about more than just bragging rights. Industrial enterprises that embed IIoT into their businesses will discover:

  • Operational efficiencies that reduce costs
  • New, ongoing sources of revenue
  • Enhanced relationships with customers
  • Accelerated time to market
Companies that don't define an IIoT strategy risk a competitive disadvantage before even reaching the starting line. And so, for industrial enterprises that have yet to act or have been sidelined by obstacles—this is the moment of truth. Act now, or be left behind.

Fortunately, with the incredible advancement of IIoT and growth fueled by Industry 4.0, there has been no better time than now for the availability of innovative, state-of-the art technologies, resources, and opportunities for digital transformation.

Top Use Cases for IIoT in Industrial Manufacturing:

  • Remote asset monitoring
  • Remote maintenance/service
  • Predictive maintenance and asset management
  • Optimized equipment effectiveness