Deliver Industrial Connectivity with ThingWorx ThingWorx connects disparate devices, clouds and applications, providing access to multiple sources of data for consumption by IoT solutions.

Ensure Accessibility, Interoperability and Control

Today, businesses have information residing across multiple systems and devices throughout the organization. Interoperability between devices and machines is a huge challenge—but also key to implementing and realizing the value of industrial IoT deployments.

With a library of drivers and plug-ins, ThingWorx enables connectivity to thousands of devices, applications and data sources across the organization. An extensive network of device cloud partners enables businesses to leverage existing infrastructure, while ensuring the flexibility to design their solutions to meet existing and future needs.

ThingWorx Delivers Proven Connectivity for the Industrial IoT:

  • Access industrial IoT and application data from on-premise web servers, off-premise cloud applications and hybrid environments for ultimate flexibility
  • Distribute real-time edge computing capabilities eliminate issues with latency, cost, and security
  • Deliver scalable, secure, authenticated and encrypted communications across network topologies
  • Receive a library of over 150 protocols adapters to access real-time data from industrial equipment

See How ThingWorx Industrial Connectivity Enables IoT Solutions

Turnkey IoT Solution for Manufacturing

Improve operations, time-to-market and the overall bottom line with one of the first converged systems for IoT.

Elisa Partners with ThingWorx

Using ThingWorx, Elisa built a Smart Factory solution that can monitor, manage and alter entire production processes.

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