Deliver Industrial IoT Analytics with ThingWorx ThingWorx automates complex analytical processes for the IoT—delivering real-time insights, predictions and recommendations.

Are You Leveraging the Full Value of Your Industrial IoT Data?

Billions of smart, connected devices are generating unprecedented amounts of data across a multitude of formats. With decisions increasingly being made in real-time, accessing those data-driven insights is both critical and challenging.

ThingWorx uses sophisticated artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to solve the specific challenges presented by the magnitude of industrial IoT data. Using automation, these insights are delivered to platform applications and AR experiences.

Gain Powerful IoT Insights with ThingWorx Analytics

  • Operationalize insights, predictions and recommendations across enterprise functions with automated IoT data to enhance decision-making
  • Replay functionality enables analysis of historical data and supports forensic investigation of data after an incident
  • Turn raw industrial IoT data into proactive insights through intuitive, user-friendly interfaces for non-data experts
  • Detect anomalies in real-time through Edge analytics, minimizing time to resolution

What can ThingWorx Analytics do for Your Organization?

How to Get Started with Analytics


ThingWorx Analytics tackles the specific challenges of industrial IoT data in ways traditional reporting, business intelligence and visualization approaches cannot.

Flowserve Saves Millions with Predictive Analytics


See how a manufacturer uses ThingWorx Analytics to predict failures using real-time pattern and anomaly detection.

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