Smart Manufacturing

Systematically transform your manufacturing to improve quality, lower costs, and increase efficiency

Turn Industrie 4.0 Possibility Into Reality

Industrie 4.0 is the systemic transformation of manufacturing—enabled by the convergence of physical and digital systems—to improve quality, lower costs, and increase efficiency. PTC is the only company that can span the definition of Industrie 4.0 from design to manufacturing to service. This gives us the unique perspective to help companies capitalize on the latest smart manufacturing trends today.

Industrial connectivity manufacturing Industrial connectivity manufacturing

Industrial Connectivity for Manufacturers

Plant and factory floors are a jungle of siloed machines and equipment. This myriad of functions, protocols, and data formats can make connectivity seem impractical, if not impossible. But a standardized industrial connectivity layer tears down these silos to deliver leaps in efficiency. Without it, your plant and floor managers lack critical data to make these meaningful improvements.

PTC Solutions for Smart Manufacturing

PTC provides automotive and mobility innovators the solutions that make it possible to develop and execute an Industrie 4.0 factory automation strategy aligned with your business strategy. You’ll be empowered to optimize robotics on the factory floor and view, understand, and act on industrial data across the distributed supply chain in real time. Plus, you’ll gain the insight and oversight needed to reduce or eliminate downtime due to malfunctioning equipment, unavailable spare parts inventory, and supply chain glitches.