Update: How to Get More Creo on Your Apple Device

In the flurry of announcements about Creo 3.0 over the past few weeks, there’s one iOS users may have missed: Creo Sketch is now available on the iPad. Here’s something else you might have overlooked: In some situations, you can also access Creo Parametric, Creo Simulate, and other major apps from your Mac.

Creo Sketch

If you’re not familiar with Creo Sketch, it’s a free lightweight app for quickly capturing concept designs. You can use it to create freehand 2D sketches, draw smooth curves, add airbrush color and highlights, and even strategically erasure lines and color. It’s great for pitching ideas and suggesting solutions before you’re ready for detailed design.

It’s also helpful for non-CAD experts who want to participate in the design process. They can create their own sketches or easily mark up yours. Read more about Creo Sketch here.

PTC on iOS Devices

With this release, you can now use the following software on Apple platforms:

What about Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, and the Others?

Last year, we announced that five of our leading tools, Creo Parametric, Creo Direct, Creo Layout, Creo Options Modeler, and Creo Simulate have been verified as “Citrix Ready.” That means that these apps are supported on virtualized desktops on an IBM server through a Citrix and NVIDIA-powered integration. The virtual desktop environment boosts performance for heavy-duty engineering software and models.

The Gartner group estimates that by 2015, virtualized physical servers deployed for HVD (hosted virtual desktops) workloads will account for 16.7% of virtualized physical servers for all workloads.

“Some power users experience network bandwidth limitations when they work with their largest assemblies, simply because they need to move a lot of data from a Windchill server to their local workspace,” said PTC’s Mike Campbell in a press release at the time. “But now imagine working on huge assemblies in Creo with little to no network latency.”

Performance = productivity = better products to market faster. Who doesn’t want that? But the bonus is that in the virtual desktop environment, you have a broader choice of operating systems, including Mac OS X or iOS. That is, you can access your Citrix environment from your MacBook and mobile devices.

Find out more about PTC’s collaboration with IBM, Citrix, and NVIDIA.

We’re quickly moving away from the old CPU tower in a cubicle model of work. Our computers are becoming smaller, bigger, and more ubiquitous. Creo apps aim to support you whatever your preferences for creating great product designs.

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