The Concept Design Squeeze: Why More Is Better

Here are some interesting numbers. According to a recent report, most designers explore an average of three concept designs before moving forward with a product. A total of 81% of those designers complain that they simply don’t have enough time to explore any more ideas.

What about the ones with all the time they need? Even they admit they could do better with more design alternatives. In fact “92% say they’d benefit from exploring more design alternatives,” according to the report “Trends in Concept Design.”

The research backs up the 92%. Study after study finds that the best results come when designers are rewarded for the number of concepts they produce rather than the quality of those concepts. 

It turns out that developers can get trapped in what early psychologists called “functional fixedness,” that is, latching on to a single solution and trying to make it work. In other words, designers’ thinking gets stuck “in the box.” The best way to break free of single-solution thinking is to produce a larger number of ideas.

So how can anyone do more with the (limited) time they have?

That’s the question we address in our newest Infographic, Concept Design: Does Your Process Shortchange Your Product?  Download your copy today to find out which tools work (and which don’t) when you’re under deadline and out of ideas.

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