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Choose Augmented Reality Devices

Vuforia Studio functions on eyewear devices, mobile phones, and tablets. Here’s everything you need to know to decide which devices are right for your use case.

Compare device options

Explore whether your organization has eyewear or mobile devices already. If not, start planning which devices you will purchase.

Each AR experience is designed with the device type in mind, whether it’s mobile devices, 2D eyewear, or 3D eyewear. For example, if you design an AR experience for a mobile device, you would take advantage of the benefits a mobile device provides, such as a touch interface. If your experience is designed for eyewear devices, then you would leverage capabilities like voice commands and hand gestures.

Learn the requirements and constraints of each option to determine which device is best suited for your use case.

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Confirm device compliance

In industries such as mining, oil and gas, or chemical manufacturing, workers must adhere to strict safety and compliance regulations. Determine whether your AR devices must meet safety glass, combustion, or other safety standards. Additionally, verify the internal and external compliance rules for work instructions/standard operating procedures in your industry. Then determine how Vuforia Studio fits in.

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Purchase devices

If you determine new hardware is required for your AR use case (eyewear devices, phones, tablets), purchase them now. Reach out to the appropriate approvers to get budget for the devices. The IT department can often help get a cost quote and place the order.

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