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How to Manage Devices

Last Updated: January 14, 2020


Once you've decided which devices you need for your AR use case, it's important to determine how the organization will maintain them. A thorough device management strategy will extend the longevity of your hardware and ensure workers can always get their hands on the right tools for the job.

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To ensure uninterrupted productivity, AR users need fast and easy access to mobile or eyewear devices. Similar to other hardware that workers use, these devices must be inventoried, maintained, and updated. This responsibility typically lies with the IT team.

There are numerous questions you must answer to determine the best device management plan for your needs:

  • Budget: How much budget will your organization allocate to purchasing mobile or eyewear devices for AR?
  • Device inventory: Who will maintain a list of available hardware? How will they track what’s available, what’s broken, and who checked out the device(s) most recently?
  • Initial setup: When a new device arrives, how will you prepare it for use?
  • Ongoing software support: Who will install software updates on the devices? If IT is unable to oversee monthly software updates, consider allowing workers to perform these updates themselves.
  • Charging batteries: Where should devices be plugged in? How often will they need to be charged?
  • Storage and cleaning: Where should the devices be stored when not in use? Who will be responsible for sanitizing them after each use?
  • App store account management: Some mobile and eyewear devices must connect to their corresponding app stores to download Vuforia View. To access the app store, Google Play and Apple require a user ID. Who will manage this account? Will it be managed per device or share the same account and credentials across the organization?

Document your device management plan and share it accordingly. Most importantly, make sure the workers who are using the devices understand their role in maintaining them.

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