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Anticipate Resource Needs

To successfully implement augmented reality experiences, you will need a team. It’s imperative to identify and involve the people at your organization who will be creating, administering, and using AR experiences. If you lack the internal resources to accomplish your goals, PTC can help fill the gaps.

Attain AR skillsets

Vuforia Studio is a powerful augmented reality platform. To take full advantage of its features and capabilities, PTC recommends your AR team members have the following skills:

  • Software development: Proficient in HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • 3D modeling: Proficient in creating animations and using 3D assets, Creo Illustrate experience a plus
  • User experience (UX) design: Experience with storyboarding, journey mapping, and user flows
  • Visual design: Experience designing user interfaces
  • Subject matter expertise: Knowledge about the processes your AR experiences will support
  • IoT expertise: If your AR experience uses data from IoT (Internet of things) platforms like ThingWorx, make sure to include an IoT expert on your team

Determine whether your organization employs people with these skills.

Identify AR owners and partners

In addition to the contributors above, you must also determine who will be responsible for owning and cultivating augmented reality experiences.

In your organization, identify who is responsible for:

  • Application ownership: Who will maintain and manage AR experiences? Depending on your use case, this may be the manufacturing or service technicians, IT group, or another team.
  • Security: Who will confirm the software meets security standards?
  • Infrastructure: Who will ensure your organization’s infrastructure is equipped to handle the software? If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio on-premises, you will need IT help to obtain server space.
  • Hardware management: Who will purchase and maintain the devices needed to use the software?
  • Compliance: Who will verify your AR experiences meet safety, regulatory and compliance standards? What will they need to know to approve your AR implementation?
  • CAD files: Who will optimize and maintain the CAD files that your AR experience uses? How will you ensure your AR experiences remain up-to-date when CAD files change?

Explore whether your organization employs people or has existing processes for these duties.

Assemble your team

Stakeholder support and know-how will be a key asset throughout the implementation process.

Contact the appropriate contributors early in the process. Then verify they can contribute time and resources to your AR initiative.

In addition to the people who will build and champion AR experiences, you’ll also need end users to test AR in the real world. Identify a manageable group of workers who will test and provide feedback on rough draft AR experiences. These workers should represent your ideal end users. They will help you identify urgent fixes and opportunities for improvement before you introduce AR on a larger scale.

Estimate your costs

The cost of incorporating Vuforia Studio into your organization depends on your use case, scope, and internal resources.

Common costs may include:

  • Server space: Are you operating Vuforia Studio on premises? If so, you must allocate or purchase server capacity. If you’re using Vuforia Studio via Cloud, no server resources are necessary.
  • Devices: How will users view AR experiences? Do you already have those devices? You may need to purchase mobile phones, tablets, or eyewear devices.
  • Talent: Does your organization employ the people needed to design, deploy, and manage AR experiences? If so, account for the costs of the time they spend on the initiative. If not, anticipate costs for outside resources.
  • Additional software: Will your AR experiences require animations or incorporate Industrial Internet of Things data? If so, consider pairing Vuforia Studio with Creo Illustrate and/or ThingWorx. Contact your PTC sales representative to learn more.

Determine outside resources needed

PTC offers services to help organizations achieve success with Vuforia Studio. Customer Success Services can help you plan, implement, and measure your AR initiative. Consider using an outside resource to bridge skill gaps or speed up your implementation.

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How PTC can help

In addition to the recommended resources named above, PTC offers Success Services that fit seamlessly into your Success Path, making it even easier to reach your desired business outcome.

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