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Best Practices for Enterprise Deployment

Last Updated: September 30, 2019


To successfully deploy Vuforia Studio, you will collaborate with a variety of stakeholders. Your specific use case, organizational size and structure, and your method of deployment may change which areas you should evaluate. Learn best practices for enterprise-scale software implementation, and who should be involved.

Project Manager

Cross-Functional Alignment: Once you have assembled your team, you will need to work closely with IT to ensure they understand your needs, the value proposition for AR, why you are leveraging Vuforia Studio, and your overall plan. Communicating your deployment criteria to the IT team early in the process will prevent roadblocks later on.

Business Processes: It is important to get buy-in from both end users and stakeholders from the business side and the technical side. Completing user acceptance testing of your application will help to get your users excited about AR and the application.

Training/Adoption: As part of the deployment, determine a plan for training new users, change management, and the adoption process. It is vital to establish end user advocates and get AR buy-in.

Communication: Part of a successful deployment includes a communication plan and roll out procedures. We recommend including subject matter experts and end-user communities in the development of the communication plan.

IT Team

Servers: The configuration of Vuforia Studio depends heavily on whether your organization is deploying on-premises or via Cloud. 

  • On-Premises: If you deploy Vuforia Studio on-premises, consider the architecture you are building on and the server sizing based on the content, number of users and what you are currently leveraging for ThingWorx servers. You will need to schedule regular updates for configuration support. We recommend scheduling Experience Service updates monthly to ensure you are on the latest version and integrations with Vuforia View are working properly.
  • Cloud: If you deploy via the PTC Cloud hosting, help mitigate risk through creating a development instance and test environment for QA. If the other products you will leverage with Vuforia Studio are also on the cloud, necessary integrations and permissions will be needed. By deploying on a hosted environment, your solutions and servers will be updated regularly.

Network: Examine the network speed of where your AR experiences will be viewed. If you are leveraging IoT or regularly updated experiences, your network speed may impact the viewing capabilities. If you aren’t leveraging IoT data or making regular updates to the experience and/or have slow network speeds, you can download to your device for optimal viewing.

Hardware: Consider what hardware or devices you will utilize, what integrations will be needed, and if your department handles the purchasing of your chosen devices.

Integrations: Depending on the data you will employ in Vuforia Studio, evaluate the migration process and any points of data integrations. If you have other solutions that will work with Vuforia Studio, it’s important to determine the system integrations needed. Your AR experiences may draw data from other applications or be a conduit for data from other systems.

Security: If you use data, for example 3D CAD, that is IP protected or there are security concerns, we recommend you evaluate end user controls, permissions, and firewalls. If you will be utilizing encrypted AR experiences, you will need to understand your corporate policies and obtain SSL web certificates from your security organization and install on the web server.

Back-Up Strategy: As part of your deployment planning, have a back-up strategy in place for your data, integrations and recovery processes.

By planning your enterprise deployment up front and having your project management team and IT work closely together, you will help to avoid major roadblocks for a successful deployment.

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