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Create an Execution Plan

To unlock the value of augmented reality for your organization, it’s crucial to plan your adoption in both the short and long term. The people, processes, budget, and timeline you need to successfully implement Vuforia Studio will depend on your use case. The following tasks will help you anticipate those needs.

Learn best practices

Before deploying augmented reality, it’s important to establish goals and determine how to measure them. Engaging the right stakeholders, iterating quickly, and communicating effectively will lead to a successful AR initiative. Now's also the time to familiarize yourself with Vuforia Studio and identify how it will support your organization's use case.

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Define initial project scope

Defining the scope of your AR initiative gives stakeholders a shared understanding of their role and the project objectives. For many organizations, the scope starts small. Over time, the project leaders will learn and iterate—extending the solution to solve bigger challenges. But in the early phases, it's best to avoid scope creep: Follow the plan and ensure the scope is manageable for your use case.

The project scope should include:

  • Goals and measurement
  • Deliverables and dates
  • Constraints
  • Acceptance criteria
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • How much time employees are expected to contribute
  • Other factors, depending on your organization and use case

Select users to pilot the software

Before you deploy augmented reality to all the workers who will use it, select a few participants to test the solution. These initial users need not be experienced with AR. But they should be enthusiastic about embracing new technology and willing to dedicate time to testing AR in their day-to-day jobs.

Contact your pilot participants early in the project and provide first access to training.

Plan feedback mechanism

As you implement AR, the workers who are getting started with Vuforia Studio and Vuforia View will have questions and feedback. Establish and communicate the best channels for Vuforia users to connect with you, then plan how you will take action. Answer questions, solicit ideas, and address challenges by:

  • Hosting a regular meeting or open house and inviting stakeholders
  • Setting up a dedicated phone number or email address that you check consistently
  • Creating a survey or questionnaire
  • Observing workers using AR and noting where they encounter difficulty

Pivot as necessary, based on what you learn. Remember: successful AR leaders will learn and respond, which leads to a better solution.

Explore AR design fundamentals

To successfully implement AR, you must create experiences that are useful and usable. In addition to getting feedback from real users, you should follow a user-centered design process. The key stakeholders in your AR initiative should have a high-level understanding of the ideal design process.

Generally, there are five steps to create a meaningful AR experience:

  1. Brainstorm the concept: Start by answering questions to frame the experience. Who is the target user? Why will this AR experience be useful? What is the user’s environment?
  2. Storyboard and design: Determine the user experience framework, select your device(s), identify your data sources, and imagine the user interface. Next, create a storyboard that specifies how the user will navigate the experience.
  3. Gather data: Will your use case require CAD (Computer Aided Design) files or IoT (Internet of Things) data? If so, it must be obtained and optimized.
  4. Build the experience: Use Vuforia Studio to create the AR experience.
  5. Style the application: Determine the presentation of the user interface—how the AR experience looks and feels.

Typically, Vuforia Studio users can create a proof-of-concept AR experience in two weeks. But creating a robust working prototype can take longer: roughly two months.

Determine your training needs

The designers, developers, and subject matter experts who build AR experiences will need training to get started. Depending on the scale and timeline of your project, your training needs may evolve.

PTC offers two ways to train your team members:

1. Independent training

Access documentation that explains how to use Vuforia Studio.

  • Vuforia: Basics of Augmented Reality is a free online course that examines introductory concepts of AR. Participants will learn the basics about AR use cases, Vuforia Studio and its capabilities, and the AR design process.
  • The PTC Learning Connector offers quick tutorials that demonstrate how to use Vuforia Studio to design, develop, and deploy AR experiences.
  • The Help Center covers key topics about how to access and start using Vuforia Studio and Vuforia View. Follow the tutorials for step-by-step guidance.
  • Vuforia Studio Community offers advice and tips from fellow Vuforia users. Anyone can explore and view posts in the Community, but you'll need to create a PTC account if you would like to post a topic or respond to others. This account is separate from your Vuforia Studio account.

2. PTC instructor-led training

PTC offers instructor-led product training classes that you can take virtually or in-person. These hands-on learning experiences are led by PTC experts. Participants will learn AR development strategies and create their own AR experiences using Vuforia Studio.

Available courses:

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Document your execution plan

Now that you’ve established how and why your organization will leverage Vuforia Studio, you must document who will be involved and when key milestones should occur. Get approval from all important stakeholders and share the plan widely. Your execution plan should hold contributors accountable for moving the AR initiative forward.

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