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Get Familiar with Vuforia Studio

Before you plan how to implement Vuforia Studio, get a quick introduction to augmented reality. Learn the basics about the software and hardware you need to implement this technology.

Learn the basics

Vuforia Studio delivers augmented reality (AR) technology that enhances physical work spaces with digital information. Users can rapidly author AR experiences that can be viewed across a wide range of devices through the Vuforia View app.


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Explore features and functionality

Vuforia Studio enables the rapid creation of impactful AR experiences from existing assets. For example, users can leverage existing 3D CAD and animated sequences, in addition to Internet of Things (IoT) data from ThingWorx, to build AR experiences.

Vuforia Studio enables users to:

  • Provide in-context, step-by-step work instructions
  • Overlay 3D digital content on real-world equipment to provide contextual knowledge
  • Visualize real-time IoT data about operating conditions and equipment performance
  • Increase productivity, accuracy, and safety for manufacturing and service technicians

Completed AR experiences are published to the Experience Service, which allows your users to access them on mobile phones, tablets, or eyewear devices through the Vuforia View app. AR experiences are available anywhere designated by the organization—from the factory to the field.

Vuforia Studio: how it works

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Review compatible devices

Vuforia Studio AR experiences can be created on any computer with a Chrome web browser. Published experiences can be consumed using the Vuforia View app on HoloLens, RealWear, or Vuzix eyewear devices; and mobile phones and tablets.

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