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Everything you need to get started with augmented reality

Finalize User Interface Design

Complete your AR experience design. Add visual details to the design, then build an interactive prototype.

Complete visual design

In this phase, you’ll design the look and feel for your AR experience. Start with your preliminary design mockup and add visual details. A user experience (UX) designer, user interface (UI) designer, or developer can help create the visual design.

The visual design includes:

  • Stylistic elements: What color palette, fonts, and other styles will the design employ?
  • User interaction details: What happens when a user hovers over/taps a button, for example?
  • Near-final copy: What words will you use for buttons, labels, and navigation elements?
  • Data needs: What data will flow into your design? Note where specific datasets are needed.
  • 3D Model needs: Will you need Computer-Aided Design (CAD) files? Consult an engineer or CAD expert at your organization. 

If your organization has brand/design standards, ensure the design is consistent with those requirements. The AR experience should look similar to other applications your organization uses. The people who will build your AR experiences should get to know Vuforia Studio’s capabilities.

These designers/developers are not currently creating anything using Vuforia Studio—but learning the basics of augmented reality will help them create their designs.

Finalize prototype

Guided by your completed visual design, build a working prototype of your AR experience. A UX designer, UI designer, or developer will use design software (like InVision, Axure, or another tool) to create the prototype. This design will look nearly identical to the AR experience you aim to create. Later in the project, this prototype will serve as a guide for the team who develops the AR experience in Vuforia Studio.

The prototype should demonstrate how the AR experience will work. Buttons, menus, and other interactive elements should be “clickable.” But since you’re designing a 3-dimensional application using a 2-dimensional design tool, not all aspects of the design will function perfectly. Do your best to illustrate the functionality and include notes where necessary.

We recommend sharing your prototype with the workers who will use the completed AR experience. Get feedback on whether it feels usable and improve the design as needed.

As you design the AR experience, document any details that designers may need in the future. This documentation will help you make changes to existing experiences and create new solutions with Vuforia Studio.

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