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Everything you need to get started with augmented reality

Develop Structural Components

Guided by your preliminary design, start developing your augmented reality experience in Vuforia Studio.

Lay out static user interface

In this phase of the project, you’ll use Vuforia Studio to lay out the assets that make up your AR experience. Guided by your user interface design, arrange the components you created for each screen. Adjust the padding, alignment, and justification so they’re properly oriented on the screen. A developer who understands JavaScript or Angular JavaScript and CSS can help. This knowledge is not required to use Vuforia Studio. But developers often write code to integrate with other systems and create the functionality and styling for the AR experience.

For example, if the screen features three buttons, an icon, and a 3D model; place those assets in the proper position. You may align the buttons to the left side of the screen, place the icon in the upper right, and then center the 3D model.

As you build the user interface, test and verify it looks good on AR devices. If your organization uses tablets and eyewear devices to view AR experiences, try it on both. If possible, test it in a real environment with the physical object. If the interface does not appear correctly, make adjustments.

For now, focus on arranging the assets for each screen. The assets will not work just yet—buttons are not clickable, for example. In upcoming steps, you’ll program the assets to function appropriately. Finally, you’ll use CSS to add styling that improves the visual appearance of the AR experience.

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