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Install Vuforia Studio Software

How you access and install Vuforia Studio depends on your organization’s deployment: if you’re installing on-premises, a few additional steps are required.

Get software overview

Vuforia Studio is a web-native, easy-to-use tool for authoring domain and task-specific experiences. These experiences provide an integrated view of digital and physical product data, dashboards, and alerts with 2D, 3D, and augmented reality.

Once you’ve created an experience with Vuforia Studio and published it to your Experience Service, you can view the experience using the Vuforia View app on a supported device.

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Get access to the software

To access Vuforia Studio software, you must log in to the PTC eSupport Portal. If you don’t already have a PTC account, create one now.

Make sure you have one of the following available to you before you create your new account:

  • Service Contract Number (SCN)
  • Sales Order Number (SON)
  • Site Number

PTC sends a software order fulfillment email after your software purchase is complete: this email contains the information above. If you can’t find this information, contact PTC technical support.

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Install Vuforia Studio

To install Vuforia Studio, log in to the PTC eSupport Portal and select “Download Software.” For detailed steps on installing Vuforia Studio, see the “Install Vuforia Studio” chapter of the Vuforia Studio Getting Started guide.

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Plan software updates

Vuforia Studio will release software updates every 28 days. The user will receive a notification when an update is available. The operating system must be connected to the internet to receive software updates.

If your organization prefers to limit the ability to update the software, determine who will be responsible and how updates will take place.

PTC will also release updates to the Experience Service. If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio via PTC-hosted cloud, these updates will be managed by PTC. If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio on-premises, your organization is responsible for completing the upgrades. See the “Upgrade Experience Service” section of the Install and Deploy an Experience Service guide for more information.

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Install ThingWorx (on-premises only)

This task is required for organizations deploying Vuforia Studio on-premises. If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio via Cloud, this task is not necessary.

If you’re planning to install and deploy your Experience Service on-premises, you must first install and configure ThingWorx. For more information, see the appropriate version of the Installing ThingWorx guide.

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Install Experience Service (on-premises only)

This task is required for organizations deploying Vuforia Studio on-premises. If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio via Cloud, this task is not necessary.

If you’re installing your Experience Service on-premises, see the Installing and Deploying Vuforia Experience Service guide.

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Install Vuforia View on devices

To view AR experiences created with Vuforia Studio, you must download Vuforia View to your supported device(s). These could include eyewear devices, mobile phones, or tablets. In most cases, you will download the Vuforia View APK from your device's app store. If you’re using the RealWear HMT-1 to view procedures, you must download Vuforia View to your computer before installing the software onto the device.

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Install Creo Illustrate (sequences use cases only)

This task is recommended for organizations that purchased a license to Creo Illustrate and are creating animated sequences for their augmented reality experiences. If your organization has not purchased Creo Illustrate, this task is not necessary.

If you want to include sequence animations in your AR experiences, you must either have supported sequence animation files or access to Creo Illustrate to create and edit them. For information on obtaining and installing Creo Illustrate, see the Creo Illustrate Installation and Configuration Guide.

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Set up single sign-on (On-premises only)

This task pertains to organizations deploying Vuforia Studio on-premises. If you’re deploying Vuforia Studio via Cloud, single sign-on is not available. Single sign-on will be available to PTC-hosted Cloud customers in the future.

If your organization has decided to use single sign-on, work with your IT team to configure it. We recommend getting help from an IT professional or architect who has working knowledge of SAML and OAuth standards. You must install the ThingWorx server and configure it to use single sign-on. The ThingWorx server should also be configured to be a Resource Provider. See the “Prepare for Single Sign-On” chapter of the Installing and Deploying an Experience Service document for more information.

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