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Set Up Your Account

First, meet the Customer Success Manager assigned to your account. Then, set up the account you’ll need to download software and access technical support. Finally, create user accounts.

Connect with your Customer Success Manager

Vuforia Studio customers have the option to purchase a Success Plan: a set of services, resources, and guidance designed to maximize the value of your software investments. If your organization purchased a success plan from PTC, you have a Customer Success Manager committed to helping you realize value from AR. They will reach out via email in the weeks after your purchase is finalized. Schedule a time to connect as soon as possible.

Create your PTC account

You will need a PTC Support Account to download Vuforia Studio software and access technical support.

To create your account, you must supply one of the following numbers:

  • Your Service Contract Number (SCN)
  • Your Sales Order Number (SON)
  • Your Site Number

PTC sends a software order fulfillment email after your purchase is complete: this email contains the information above. If you can’t find this information, contact PTC technical support.

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Set up user accounts

Users will typically log in to create, publish, and view AR experiences. Vuforia Studio also allows AR experiences to be “public,” in which case no login is required to view. Single sign on is not currently supported: each user will choose their own password.

You will set up user accounts in ThingWorx Composeran application modeling environment that manages user credentials, among other capabilities. To add a user, you must add them to ThingWorx, then specify which “group” they belong to.

ThingWorx Composer offers three user groups:

  1. Users: Members of this group can access and view AR experiences
  2. Developers: Members of this group can create and publish AR experiences
  3. Administrators: Members of this group can add, modify, and remove Vuforia users

If your organization’s use case necessitates additional user roles, further configuration is necessary.

Vuforia Studio and Vuforia View users will also need your organization’s Experience Service URL to publish and view AR experiences. The Experience Service is a secure server where your organization’s AR experiences are stored. You will find your Experience Service URL in the software order fulfillment email. If you can’t find this information, contact PTC technical support.

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