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Determine Integration Strategy

Begin planning how to integrate Vuforia Studio with your organization’s existing systems, tools, and data.

Integrate Vuforia Studio into your system

In addition to its advanced augmented reality capabilities, Vuforia Studio’s integration with the ThingWorx platform allows you to connect to enterprise data systems—and send data between them. Through ThingWorx, you can retrieve data from other systems to add into your Vuforia Studio AR experiences, and send data generated by AR experiences to other enterprise systems.

For example, an AR experience that facilitates end-of-line quality checks on a manufactured product might:

  • Retrieve CAD model and bill-of-material information from a Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) system.
  • Retrieve production information for that manufactured unit from the Manufacturing Execution System (MES).
  • Send user inspection results for each manufactured unit captured by the AR experience to manufacturing quality control systems.

Start identifying what integrations are needed in your use case.

  1. Determine what information you need to pull in to or send out from your AR experiences.
  2. Identify what systems house that information.
  3. Contact the IT team or owners of those systems to begin discussing your needs.

You will identify specific requirements for integrations later in the project. The AR design process is typically iterative-you may add integrations to your wish list as you design the experience. Or you may remove integrations from the scope of the project if you discover they aren't possible for your organization.

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