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How to Document your Execution Plan

Last Updated: July 10, 2019


Developing an augmented reality execution plan will simplify the rollout process and align contributors across your organization. Learn what to include in your execution plan to meet your goals.

Identify your First AR Experience

Select the first work procedure, service instruction, training, or other experience you will develop using Vuforia Studio. Your first iteration should be realistic and provide value quickly. Focus on AR experiences that pertain to your organization's prioritized use case to encourage adoption of the technology. Include information around the “as is” state. For example: Today, frontline workers utilize paper-based documentation that is out of date, resulting in wasted time and the possibility of errors.  


Quantify Goals and Requirements

What are you trying to accomplish and what does success look like? Include the desired outcome of your use case. Be specific and realistic. For example: Improve first-time fix rate by 30 percent. Choosing quantifiable metrics will help you prove success later in the implementation.


Identify Affected Teams and Stakeholders

Consider who will be the end users of your AR experiences and who will be creating them. These team members will need training to use Vuforia View and Vuforia Studio, respectively. This is also a good place to include any stakeholders, executive sponsors, business leads, subject matter experts, or other contributors so everyone on the project is clearly identified and accountable.


Plan your Roll Out

How do you plan to inform your workforce of this new and exciting change, and what is the timing of your roll out? Include a timeline in your execution plan that specifies both short- and long-term goals. Leverage short sprints with key milestones and pre-scheduled updates to help maintain visibility and buy-in.

Prepare a checklist for deployment that lists ordered tasks and the assignee(s) for each task. Be sure to include tasks for testing and approval.

Taking the time to produce an execution plan will ensure alignment across the organization, help avoid any duplicate work, and allow for quick development of the first use case.

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