Industry 4.0: Optimize Operations & Shape Future Innovation

Bring together automation and real-time analytics through enterprise-wide connectivity. Embrace it to drive efficiency, differentiate offerings, and outperform your competition.

What is Industry 4.0?

Industry 4.0 is the application of technology to digitally transform how industrial companies operate. These technologies include the industrial IoT, automation and robotics, simulation, additive manufacturing, and analytics. Industry 4.0 is driven by a need to boost efficiency, become more agile to respond to market unpredictability, improve quality, and to enable new business models.

Acatech Report: Industrie 4.0 Maturity Index


What is your readiness level? Where do you fall within the spectrum of maturity? Download this comprehensive report from Acatech to identify the six stages of maturity, minimize risk, and maximize the benefits of smart manufacturing and a connected enterprise.



Expert Insights on Industry 4.0

Get the latest industry thought leadership about how Industry 4.0 is reshaping manufacturing—and what you need to know to roll out a successful transformation

Digital transformation is reshaping all manufacturing industries. In the Manufacturing Leadership Journal (MLJ) and the Harvard Business Review (HBR) articles below, you’ll get access to thought leadership from leading experts on Industry 4.0.

From avoiding pilot purgatory to aligning digital transformation initiatives with executive agendas, thought leaders share first-hand observations of the benefits of specific approaches that can help unlock value.

You’ll also learn how to design a program that will organize people, processes, and technologies, prove value to illustrate real-world impact, scale value to create transformative waves, and ensure ongoing and future success with effective program governance.

Learn how to set yourself up for a successful digital transformation, move beyond the pilot stage, and achieve scale to unlock all the benefits of Industry 4.0!

Scale Industry 4.0

Double-Digit Impact

Digital Performance Management

Industry 4.0 Explained

Scale Industry 4.0

Timely and efficient scaling of pilot projects into production is key to maintaining the enterprise-level support needed to deliver meaningful financial impact via speed at scale.

Double-Digit Impact

Manufacturers who make financial impact the epicenter of their transformation achieve the greatest long-term impacts—such as double-digit improvements in cost savings, capacity, and asset efficiency.

Digital Performance Management

Optimizing the four P’s (products, processes, people, & places) through a digital performance management (DPM) system enables manufacturers to accelerate improvements with speed & at scale.

Industry 4.0 Explained

This wave of digital transformation is reshaping all manufacturing industries. It represents an intersection of machine automation, processes driven by real-time data, and technology-enabled workforces—brought together with enterprise-wide connectivity.

Analyst-Ranked Smart Manufacturing Platforms

Our extensive history in driving industrial innovation has positioned PTC as a leader in Industry 4.0 manufacturing solutions. From digital design and PLM, to the industrial IoT and augmented reality—PTC has the breadth of vision and proven technologies to support your smart manufacturing strategies. Recognized by industry analysts, these technologies are prized for their easy implementation, scope of features, and capacity to scale.

ABI: Platform Rankings Report