Enterprise Plant Benchmarking

Measure, optimize, and standardize performance across plants, equipment, lines, shifts, and more.

Make Better, More-informed Investments

IndustryWeek asked manufacturers how they were staying competitive, leveraging technology, and uncovering best practices within and across their plants. Watch this short video to learn how your peers are deciding what technology to invest in, deploying benchmarking strategies, overcoming industry-wide struggles, and more.

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Roll-out Multi-plant Benchmarking With ThingWorx

The ThingWorx industrial IoT platform provides the connectivity and analytics that manufacturing enterprises need to measure and benchmark performance across plants.  

Optimize Towards Peak Efficiency

Benchmarking performance is easier said than done. Between the various equipment, workers, processes, and yields across various plants, systems are complex and data is opaque. Without clear data informing your KPIs, how confident can you be in directing improvements?

Using the IIoT, you can more easily collect, validate, and interpret data. More importantly, you can use it to correct problems and drive performance. Enterprise plant benchmarking gives you the tools you need to make substantive improvements in facilities across your entire operation.

Scale Best Practices

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ThingWorx provides everything you need to measure and optimize performance across plants. Speak with an IoT expert today to learn more about how you can leverage IoT to achieve your business goals.

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