Hybrid Cloud

Hybrid cloud strategies are growing rapidly in manufacturing edge environments to reduce operational costs. Learn more about cloud computing at the manufacturing edge from Forrester Research.

What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud strategies in manufacturing deploy applications across on-premise and cloud environments. For manufacturing edge environments, this typically involves collecting and standardizing asset data locally; processing and normalizing that data; integrating with local systems; and leveraging the cloud for storage, analysis, and reporting.

This deployment strategy can benefit your business by:

  • standardizing solutions across locations to help accelerate advanced digital transformation
  • reducing edge OT variability to simplify multi-site rollout
  • creating an edge compute layer that drives higher total value with improved processing and intelligence
  • distributing compute and intelligence to improve scalability
  • improving edge resilience for outages and intermittent performance with in-pipe data retention
  • simplifying and enhancing security with access to advanced security options and methods

According to Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index:

45% manufacturing workload

45% manufacturing workload

will be in the cloud within two years

will be in the cloud within two years

21% of respondents

21% of respondents

expect to deploy hybrid cloud within one year

expect to deploy hybrid cloud within one year

86% of manufacturers

86% of manufacturers

view hybrid cloud as the “ideal IT model”

view hybrid cloud as the “ideal IT model”

Drive transformational outcomes at scale with hybrid cloud

Hybrid cloud is a core element that helps create efficiencies and drive competitive differentiation. Embracing this computing approach helps drive compute power while improving security and resiliency. By addressing data and infrastructure variability between edge sites, it helps to drive scalability for transformational efforts.

Read the Forrester Consulting research paper for a view on how manufacturers today are adopting cloud technologies as a part of their digital transformation strategies.

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Hybrid cloud case studies

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