What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud strategies in manufacturing deploy applications across on-premise and cloud environments. For manufacturing edge environments, this typically involves collecting and standardizing asset data locally; processing and normalizing that data; integrating with local systems; and leveraging the cloud for storage, analysis, and reporting.

This deployment strategy can benefit your business by:

  • standardizing solutions across locations to help accelerate advanced digital transformation
  • reducing edge OT variability to simplify multi-site rollout
  • creating an edge compute layer that drives higher total value with improved processing and intelligence
  • distributing compute and intelligence to improve scalability
  • improving edge resilience for outages and intermittent performance with in-pipe data retention
  • simplifying and enhancing security with access to advanced security options and methods

According to Nutanix’s Enterprise Cloud Index:

45% manufacturing workload

will be in the cloud within two years

21% of respondents


expect to deploy hybrid cloud within one year

86% of manufacturers


view hybrid cloud as the “ideal IT model”