ThingWorx for Azure

Deploy ThingWorx industrial IoT on Microsoft’s leading cloud infrastructure to accelerate your company’s digital transformation with unprecedented speed, scale, and security

Q&A infographic: Bringing Smart Manufacturing to Life

Manufacturing and industrial companies are digitally transforming with the IIoT, and exponentially expanding the scope of that transformation with cloud services. But success requires the right approach—which starts by asking the right questions.

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Colfax drives innovation with ThingWorx for Azure


Learn how Colfax is using PTC’s ThingWorx and Microsoft Azure to reduce service costs, bring new products to market faster, and introduce new revenue streams.

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Build your connected industrial enterprise with Microsoft & PTC

Manufacturers are using the IIoT to optimize operations and improve KPIs; and they are connecting operations data with enterprise systems via global cloud platforms—establishing the foundation for sustained growth in today’s competitive landscape. Download this e-book to discover how the combined solution from PTC and Microsoft is helping companies turn the IIoT into a gold mine of actionable data.

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IoT-led enterprise transformation through best-of-breed partnerships

Discover how IT and OT supplier partnerships are improving business operations, lowering costs, and driving business model transformation through a full spectrum of integrated products and services.

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Discover the industrial IoT technology with capabilities for achieving rapid deployment, meaningful ROIs and digital transformation.

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