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Reduce complexity and achieve faster time to value with pre-built, ready-to-configure solutions.


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Solve even the most complex challenges with more than three decades of industry domain experience. 


Enterprise-grade platform

Create impact across the enterprise with solutions that are scalable, secure, and enabled by unparalleled intelligence.


Aligned technology roadmaps

Take advantage of seamless interoperability and gain instant access to new innovations. 


Partnership ecosystem

Leverage an industry leading ecosystem of joint partners—covering all aspects of the solution across OT and IT—to scale quickly.


Customer success

Get a fully guided journey through implementation with best-in-class customer success programs. 


The key benefits of Hybrid Cloud for manufacturers

Manufacturing enterprises are at the forefront of innovation with classic examples that include Henry Ford and Andrew Carnegie. Today innovations such as IoT, machine learning, and edge computing are helping manufacturing enterprises achieve double-digit operational improvements. Read about how Microsoft Azure and PTC Factory Insights as a Service team up to help manufacturers innovate and scale with hybrid cloud.

Fiaas-Corsslink-1920-542 Fiaas-Corsslink-1920-542

Introducing PTC´s Digital Manufacturing Solutions

Don't let complexity and legacy systems throttle your manufacturing efficiency. Best-in-class practices can fuel production efficiencies of 85% or more. Learn how PTC's Digital Manufacturing Solutions can help you achieve this level of efficiency.

Success with PTC and Microsoft

See how our strategic Microsoft partnership has helped our customers improve efficiency, maximize revenue growth, and reduce operational costs.


The U.S. Air Force set out to incorporate augmented reality into their maintenance and munitions training. Tapping into the strong partnership of Vectrona, Microsoft, and PTC, they created immersive 3D experiences designed to accelerate learning, improve performance, and facilitate remote training.

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Carlsberg improved OEE without disrupting operations by using PTC and Microsoft’s manufacturing efficiency solutions to track equipment performance and usage throughout their plants.

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CIMC reduced unplanned downtime by 30% and energy consumption by 13.2% in two initial plant deployments by leveraging integrated IIoT solutions from PTC and Microsoft to enable predictive maintenance, manage energy consumption, and trace quality.

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Colfax reduced service costs and created sustainable growth by using integrated IIoT solutions from PTC and Microsoft to bring new products to life with flexibility and scalability.

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Groupe Beneteau

Groupe Beneteau enabled personalization at scale by using digital engineering solutions from PTC and Microsoft to create and orchestrate a digital thread, unlocking personalized products while improving employee retention and reducing downtime.

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Celli reduced equipment failures by 13% and improved draught quality by 27% by using PTC and Microsoft’s industrial IoT solutions to turn their equipment into smart devices, improving quality, service, and inventory management.

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Innovate with industry-leading products

ThingWorx for Azure

ThingWorx for Azure

Explore IIoT

ThingWorx for Azure

Windchill for Azure

Windchill for Azure

Accelerate product data management

Windchill for Azure

Vuforia Studio With Microsoft Hololens

Vuforia Studio With Microsoft Hololens

Explore augmented work instructions

Discover Vuforia Studio

Vuforia Expert Capture with Microsoft Hololens

Vuforia Expert Capture with Microsoft Hololens

Discover the fastest, easiest way to create AR work instructions to enable frontline workers.

Discover Vuforia Expert Capture

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