Success Path
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Measure Business Impact

Revisit the goals and metrics you established for your AR use case. Then, gather the data you need to measure success.

Evaluate metrics

Now that your AR experience is functioning as expected, revisit the goals and metrics your organization set in your measurement strategy. Review your baseline metrics—for example, production time—then gather current data. If you don’t have access to the information you need, contact someone who may have it, like a plant manager or leader. Compare the baseline metrics to your current data to determine the value of the AR experience so far.

We recommend you wait about 6 weeks to gather metrics. In some instances, the impact of your AR experience may be noticeable sooner. Your organization may observe improvements such as reduced downtime or faster training almost immediately. Other metrics—such as lowering rework and scrap costs or increasing first-time fix rate—require several weeks or months of data to better measure the value of the AR experience. This is especially true as users get accustomed to working with new technology.

Your value propositions may change from your initial plan, at this point. Consider if they’re still relevant and adjust accordingly. If you do adjust your value propositions, give a clear reason why to communicate with all stakeholders.

Share results with stakeholders

Share the results and any adjustments to your value propositions with the project sponsor, organizational leaders, plant managers, users, and other stakeholders. It’s important to share these results so all stakeholders are informed about the value of AR. Reviewing these results can also help you strategize next steps.

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