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Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Access the Software

You will need a PTC account to download the software for your upgrade.

Access your PTC Account

If you are new to your organization or need a new account, this is how you do it: Create an account and be sure to provide one of the following numbers:

  • Your Service Contract Number (SCN)
  • Your Sales Order Number (SON)
  • Your Site Number

PTC will send a software order fulfillment email after your purchase is complete. That email will give you the information listed above. If you can't find the information you need, contact your sales rep or renewals.


You will need a PTC account to:

  • Download the ThingWorx software
  • Get Technical Support
  • Access software documentation
  • Generate licenses

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Download the Software

Depending on the current version of your ThingWorx platform, you may not have a straight upgrade path to the latest version. Refer back to the Review PTC Product Compatibility task to understand your ThingWorx 9+ upgrade path. Download the version of the software that is right for you.

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Generate a New License

Upgrading to a new version of ThingWorx requires you to update your product license. A license can be generated in 2 ways:

  1. Connected Mode : If the server has internet access, the platform can be configured to automatically fetch and install the license using PTC eSupport Account credentials.
  2. Disconnected Mode: If the server has no internet access, then the license must be downloaded and installed manually from the License Management Portal on PTC Support

To generate a new license, you need to follow these steps based on your specific version.

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Understand the PTC Support Process

PTC's support team is here to help.

If you would like to start to finish mentoring from PTC to upgrade your ThingWorx Foundation, check out the Upgrade ThingWorx Foundation to 9+ service.

When looking for help, we recommend you:
  1. Search in PTC Knowledge Base
    • Search for technical support, documentation, community posts & articles
  2. File a Technical Support Ticket in our Case Logger
    • Understanding case severities
      • Severity 0 - Enterprise System Down: A production enterprise system is down. This is the most severe severity for a Case
      • Severity 1 - Business Critical: Business is being severely impacted. Essential functions are not working, and business schedules are being severely impacted
      • Severity 2 - Business Moderately Impacted: Business is being impacted, and a solution to the problem must be found quickly
      • Severity 3 - General Question/Low Impact: Business is being slightly impacted, or the customer has a general question about a PTC product or service
    • Understanding escalation levels
      • Escalation Level 1 (M1): The case is escalated to the Technical Support Engineer’s direct supervisor
      • Escalation Level 2 (M2): If you are not satisfied with the response to an issue, escalate your case the second time. The case is escalated to the second level of Technical support management.
      • 7 Escalation Reasons: Initial contact time, Regular updates on the case, Time to case resolution, Premature closing of case, Appropriate case resolution, Technical skills of support engineer, Communication skills of support engineer
  3. Call our Technical Support or Customer Care Center. Please refer to the Customer Support Contact Page for region-specific numbers.

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