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  • Co-terming

    Choose your renewal date and co-term your contracts to simplify and speed up your subscription management. Download this short PDF to learn more.
  • Remix

    One great benefit of being a subscriber to a PTC product is the ability to remix your subscription. With a remix, you can annually adjust your installation to your needs and maximize your software’s ROI. Download this PDF to learn more about remix. 
  • Multi-year savings

    With a multi-year contract, you lock in today’s price for several years and protect yourself from annual price increases. Did you know that, on average, customers save up to 10% by switching to a multi-year subscription? This overview summarizes the key benefits in regard to financial but also administrative savings. Learn more about going multi-year.

Multi-year savings

PTC subscribers renewing their contracts for a multi-year term can realize major savings. Learn how much you can save now.

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