Success Path
Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Finalize Upgrade Project Plan

Determine the Cost of the Upgrade

With your ThingWorx upgrade planning nearly complete, compile a final list of project costs.

Add up the final costs of:

  • Internal and external resources
  • Any potential financial impact this project could have on current operations due to outages, shortages, etc.
  • Any third party or non ThingWorx software & hardware

We recommend that you include a 15-20% contingency on your final budget to support unplanned costs.

Receive Approval on Cost of Upgrade

Take your detailed costs and final project plan back to your executive stakeholders for final review and approval.

Communicate Plan to Sites

Execute on the communication plans created during the Adjust Adoption and Communication Strategy step. Provide ample time between first announcement and the actual upgrade for stakeholders to understand how they will be impacted and any preparations for which they are responsible.

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