Success Path
Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Prepare End Users

Make sure the people who support and use your ThingWorx applications are ready for go-live.

Manage Existing Documentation

Update existing documentation with design changes. This documentation is crucial for supporting and using ThingWorx. We recommend that you document the solution as you build it. Compile the various documentation pieces your team created throughout the project.

Documentation should include:

  • Organization structure: changes to user groups
  • Application details: addition/modification to entities
  • Necessary end-user information: updated end-user instructions; may include credentials as well
  • Database files: modifications to database schema and maintenance schedule

Keeping the documentation updated will help ensure success with your ThingWorx application.

Train Admins, End Users & Support Teams

Provide updated training to admins who did not participate in upgrading ThingWorx. Make sure they’re familiar with the application documentation and understand the solution updates. With the right documentation and training, your support team can resolve issues quickly.

Ensure your end-users know:

  • How the application has changed
  • How the changes affect their job or role
  • How to get help from the support team
  • Where to access the updated documentation
  • How to troubleshoot and report errors

Inform end users when the upgrade goes live. A few weeks after deployment, follow up with them to gather feedback.

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