PTC University

Ready to enhance your expertise, streamline learning, or optimize product longevity? PTC University offers customer-focused product training for PTC solutions.

PTC University features and benefits

PTC University training equips you with the knowledge to excel at the work you’re most passionate about efficiently and effectively. Data shows that users who undergo our training spend less time navigating software and more time achieving remarkable results. Begin your journey by exploring free tutorials and playlists that lay the foundation or reveal new features. Dive deeper into complex concepts through our classes and validate your expertise with PTC certifications.

Product training catalogs

Explore the classes included in our subscriptions for organizations. Some classes are self-guided, while others are offered as instructor-led sessions.

Service Max product training information can be found here. Discover how our solutions empower you to overcome challenges, innovate, and achieve remarkable results.


Take your skills to the next level and unlock the full potential of Creo with our comprehensive product training.


Maximize your Windchill expertise with our top-notch training and stay ahead in product lifecycle management.


Get the most out of Codebeamer by taking instructor-led training.


Get the most out of Kepware by taking instructor-led training.


Elevate your ThingWorx skills with our expert-led training and start mastering the power of IoT today.


Get the most out of Vuforia by taking instructor-led training.

Frequently asked questions

What classes are available?

Explore the dynamic class schedule on Learning Connector to discover the latest offerings tailored to your needs

How much does training cost?

Tutorials and playlists are available to you for free with eSupport credentials on PTC’s Learning Connector. If you are interested in taking classes, our sales team is ready to assist you in finding the right training package for your organization. Click here to contact sales.

How can I determine if my company already has a subscription?

Reach out to the Training Central support team at

Is technical support available during classes?

Yes! PTC University has a team available to help you register for classes and help you out if you get stuck. There are also comprehensive guides on PTC Learning Connector.

How do self-guided classes work?

Self-guided classes provide access to the learner guide and a virtual machine. You work through the materials at your own pace without an instructor.

Can you tell me how other companies have succeeded with PTC University training?

Yes, check out some case studies from our long-term customers: