What is PTC University?

PTC University is the hub of PTC’s product training. It provides comprehensive training courses and certification programs for all PTC products. PTC University gives you the tools to utilize PTC software to its fullest capabilities, build in-demand skills, and become a leader in your field.

What does PTC University offer?

PTC University primarily offers two types of training. Instructor-led training gives users access to the entire course catalog of each product, with courses taught by an instructor in a virtual classroom. For those who want to opt for a self-paced learning approach, they can utilize the tutorial

Instructor-led training

Instructor-led training

Let an instructor teach you how to utilize PTC products. Learning about software is easy when you have expert guidance walking you through it.

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PTC University's instructor-led training

Self-paced learning

Self-paced learning

Learn via instructive tutorial videos. PTC University's Learning Connector offers self-paced tutorials and product videos for individuals wanting to learn on their own.

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PTC University's self-paced learning



Get certified on PTC products. A PTC University certification is our professional assurance that you have proven your expertise using PTC software and are competitive in your industry.

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PTC product training options

What products does PTC University offer training for?

PTC’s Creo, Windchill, and ThingWorx all have instructor-led training and self-paced learning options available to PTC product users. Kepware, Vuforia, and PTC Mathcad users have the self-paced option accessible through Learning Connector. To get a complete idea of what’s on offer, explore our product training catalogs.

PTC product training half-day courses

What is the experience of taking a course led by an instructor?

Classes are three-hour, virtual training sessions led by instructors who are experts in their field of study and PTC product power users. These three-hour courses are called Half-Day Courses and include interactive, hands-on exercises in a virtual classroom that allows students to learn from their peers and ask the instructor questions. Students can also work in the product environment while:

  • Gaining powerful tips
  • Learning software best practices
  • Attaining a comprehensive understanding of what the product and its features have to offer

The best way to take these half-day courses is with a LEARN Online subscription that lets you take and retake unlimited courses in the product catalog.

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What is the best way to get trained on PTC products?

Sign up for a LEARN Online subscription and get unlimited virtual instructor-led classes for one low price!

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Neptune Technology Group taps into the power of PTC’s virtual learning platform, empowering engineers and expanding their skills.

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GE Appliances leverages PTC University’s LEARN Online

Committed to employee growth, GE Appliances leverages PTC University’s LEARN Online subscription to expand CAD capabilities.

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Frequently asked questions

  • Is PTC University the official training provider for PTC products?

    Yes, PTC University is a very much a part of PTC and administers product training for PTC’s customers.

  • How much does training cost?

    For inquries on pricing please contact sales.

  • Are there any free courses I can take to learn about PTC products?

    While we don’t offer any free instructor-led courses, you always have the option to access Learning Connector and get product tutorials and instructional videos. The best way to access instructor-led training courses is through the LEARN Online subscription, which requires payment.

  • How do I get started with getting a LEARN Online subscription?

    Getting started with your LEARN Online subscription is incredibly easy. Your site administrator just needs to follow the steps detailed in our guide for site admins so that users can access their account and start their unlimited learning! Please browse our users guide if you don’t have site administrators.