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Everything you need to know to upgrade your ThingWorx Platform

Upgrade ThingWorx

Upgrade your ThingWorx platform and validate the upgraded system.

Run Upgrade Process

Before you begin installing ThingWorx 9+, run through the prerequisites and be sure to review materials for upgrading from your current version of ThingWorx. Refer to ThingWorx System Requirements for additional information and ensure necessary equipment, hardware, and software is acquired. PDF versions for earlier versions can be located using the Reference Documents page on the PTC Support Portal.

Consider your database options. If there has been a change in the database, then follow migration for upgrades. For more information on database options, see the ThingWorx Model and Data Best Practices, ThingWorx Platform 9.0 Deployment Architecture Guide, and ThingWorx Platform 9.0 Sizing Guide.

Ensure your infrastructure supports your upgrade according to the documented architecture plan.

Be sure to review the software/hardware compatibility and supportability factors. For example, PTC may no longer support certain versions of Linux OS or Azure/AWS.

The upgrade can be performed in two ways: either upgrading the same current server to higher versions or installing new ThingWorx software on another server followed by importing code & data entities from the previous server. Check out the limitations and scope of these from the help center. For example, an installer upgrade can only be performed if your current ThingWorx server version is 8.5 & above.

Confirm that everything is backed up from your current server, i.e., both data and entities. Take care of dependencies. Be ready with required PTC provided extensions, versions, and customizations – accessible via PTC Marketplace and/or PTC Software Download page. Lastly, get approvals & acknowledgments from members and move forward with the upgrade.


Send communication to all members about when the upgrade is complete to ensure resources as plan. Be sure to communicate planned outages and downtimes as well.

Verify the software version and evaluate licensing. Confirm infrastructure security networks, proxies, and firewalls.

PTC offers Success Services that fit seamlessly into your Success Path, making it even easier to reach your desired business outcome. Utilize the ThingWorx Upgrade Assessment to analyze your upgrade path.

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Other Application Co-Upgrade

It is crucial to ensure that partner applications are co-upgraded to compatible versions. Review PTC Product Compatibility to ensure partner applications are compatible. For example, if you are installing ThingWorx Navigate, ThingWorx 9+ must be installed using the ThingWorx Foundation Installer before installing ThingWorx Navigate.

Other applications to consider:

  • Windchill or Creo
  • Third-party or custom applications
  • Side applications for the business like SSO, SDKs, EMS, CRM, HA, or ERP

If your current installations involve third-party applications or complex customizations, verify the version compatibility, functionality, and evaluate feedback from the test server.

Check and validate software versions for Ping Federate and pgpool for side applications and functionalities like SSO, HA, SDK, EMS.


Perform compatibility check, download appropriate versions, and proceed with upgrades.

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Migrating Extensions

In ThingWorx 9+, the migration of extensions is only required for Java extensions and if you have the following:

  • Implemented lifecycle events such as initializeEntity and cleanupEntity
  • Maintain local state within your implementation
  • Have local copies (or hard references) of other entities

For custom extensions & PTC provided extensions, everything remains the same. Extensions folders and files can be retrieved from backups. PTC provided extensions can be downloaded from PTC Product Download or PTC Marketplace in case of higher versions.

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