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Learn about the newest features and functionality in ThingWorx and review your upgrade options.

New Features and Functionality

Active-Active Clustering – Added ability to further improve the ThingWorx Platform's stability by giving you a full scale. This also provides enhanced operability and flexible deployments.

ThingWorx Container Support – Further commitment to ThingWorx Docker and the ability to containerize your infrastructure. Paired with clustering, this gives you the ability to quickly add nodes or manage your whole infrastructure in an agile fashion.

Composer/Mashup Builder – Further improvement on web component widgets by enhancing Bindings, Properties, Access Features, Theming, Undo/Redo to increase developer productivity. From a visualization standpoint, we have revamped our charting framework to increase responsiveness in charts, subsequently improving the ability to see charts on a mobile device or tablet.

ThingWorx Solution Central – Expanded application support, including the ThingWorx applications; you can now download out-of-the-box solutions directly from Solution Central.

Thing Groups – We have created flexible hierarchies for asset populations by regions, models, customers, authorizations, and more.

ThingWorx Flow Updates – Improved security of flows within the platform and third-party systems with Delegated Authorization.

ThingWorx Analytics – Improved AI features to create predictive models that include confidence intervals and optimize analytic models based on the cost of prediction errors.

ThingWorx Edge – Ingest Rich OPC-UA models through Kepware, ThingWorx, and Microsoft Azure IoT. We have also broadened edge capabilities with new extensions for the Java SDK, including improved Android support. Improved security with latest and long term support on OpenSSL

ThingWorx Auditing or Audit Enhancements – Improved auditing scale & usability. New audit UI, features and database implementation improves visibility, management, regulating industries achieve compliance and storage for auditing and change history data.

Factory Talk Historian Connector – Rockwell Automation’s Factory Talk Historian Connector can now connect to ThingWorx, giving you the ability to automatically create ThingModels and represent alarms/events into ThingWorx.


To learn more about the latest features and functionality that ThingWorx 9+ has to offer, check out PTC's Success Service: Principles of ThingWorx Upgrades service.

Why Upgrade to ThingWorx 9+

Many of our IoT customers upgrade to the latest and greatest ThingWorx release to stay up to date.  ThingWorx 9 is now loaded with a full range of new and updated features that will increase uptime, reduce service costs, and improve efficiency across your enterprise. The new release has updated security patches that help customers gain peace of mind knowing they have a stable platform that can scale with their business needs and deliver their value to their end customers. ThingWorx 9 enables organizations to enhance availability, scalability, operability, usability, and deployments. The new IIoT capabilities expand connectivity options and add enhanced modeling and scoring to analytics. Whatever reason you decide on upgrading, PTC and partners are here to help you select the best upgrade path for you.

Understand Upgrade Options

When upgrading to a newer version of ThingWorx, administrators have two options for getting new features and enhancements into existing landscapes: in-place upgrades and migrations. Generally, in-place upgrades are applicable when upgrading to the same persistence provider and don’t require import data/entries after installing ThingWorx. Migrating includes more steps since you must export data and entities then import those entities and data into the new version of ThingWorx. To best assess the upgrade path for you, use the matrix in the ThingWorx Help Center linked here.

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