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Implement Integrations to External Systems

Create connections between the augmented reality experience and the necessary systems, tools, and/or data to achieve your use case. As you create these integrations, test and verify that information is passing to and from your AR experience as planned.

Establish connectivity

Review your integration strategy to ensure it fulfills your AR experience design. Then, guided by your integration strategy, integrate to the systems, tools, and/or data you need to complete your augmented reality experience. Developers, IT professionals, and/or Internet of Things experts can help create these integrations. If possible, work with an expert who understands the system you’re connecting to.

The ThingWorx platform will enable you to pull data from and/or push data into existing systems. You’ll connect the system to ThingWorx, then connect ThingWorx to Vuforia Studio. If necessary, build custom integrations to the systems, assets, and/or tools your use case requires. In most cases, you’ll use ThingWorx Flow or REST APIs to create these integrations. Configuration will be necessary within the system you’re connecting to.

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Test integrations

Test and verify each integration works as designed. Once data is flowing through ThingWorx, notify the developers who are building the AR experience. The AR experience developers will incorporate the ThingWorx services and data into the experience. They will test it, and request changes if necessary.

Make sure:

  • The data is appearing in the correct format/structure. For example, if you’re using a date stamp in your AR experience, ensure the month, day, and year are formatted correctly.
  • The data matches the source. Ensure there are no discrepancies between the connected system and the AR experience.
  • Data from Vuforia Studio is flowing back into the connected system (if your connection is bidirectional).
  • The performance meets the requirements you outlined in the technical design. 

If necessary, troubleshoot any issues before you continue with the project.

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