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Everything you need to get started with augmented reality

Compile Documentation

Document the details of your augmented reality solution. This information is crucial for employees to use AR, for developers to build new AR experiences, and for administrators to support it.

Create user documentation

Create instructions that guide your employees to successfully use AR. Create user documentation that helps newcomers get comfortable using the AR experience and explains how to get help.

User documentation should cover:

  • What augmented reality is and how your organization is using it
  • How AR will affect their job or role
  • How to find and launch AR experiences
  • How to use AR experiences
  • How to navigate Vuforia View on your chosen device
  • How to power on, wear, and use eyewear devices (if using)
  • How to get help from the support team
  • How to troubleshoot and report errors

Ensure every worker who will use AR knows how to access user documentation. Update the documentation as changes are made to the application. Later in the project, you’ll use this documentation to train employees.

Create technical documentation

Record detailed information about how your AR experiences were developed. Thorough technical documentation helps designers and developers make changes to existing experiences and create new solutions with Vuforia Studio.

Technical documentation should cover:

  • How the AR experience is built
  • What each component of the code does
  • Any systems that integrate with Vuforia Studio and who owns them
  • Procedures for maintaining and deploying code (DevOps)

Ensure any employee responsible for designing or developing AR experiences knows how to access technical documentation. These details are especially important when employees leave or change roles, and when new employees join the team. If documentation doesn’t exist, you may lose their knowledge. Update the documentation as changes are made to the application.

Create administration documentation

The administrator of Vuforia Studio will need instructions to manage users and maintain the application.

Administration documentation should cover:

  • How to use ThingWorx to add, modify, and remove AR users
  • Which user groups you have: for example administrators, developers, and users
  • How to ensure each user has the correct permissions to create, publish, and/or use AR experiences
  • Procedures for granting access to new employees
  • Procedures for modifying access for employees who change jobs
  • Procedures for revoking access from employees leaving the organization
  • How to get help from your organization’s IT team

Ensure your Vuforia Studio admin knows how to access the documentation. When changes are made to the application, update the documentation accordingly.

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