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The IoT Impact - Finding Your Company's Role in the New Smart Connected World

by Bill McBeath at ChainLink Research (May 2015)

ChainLink ResearchA lot has been written about the Internet of Things recently. Little has been written to help the senior executive or product manager who is trying to decipher what it all means for their business—what, if anything, they should be doing differently, and when.

This is not simply a question about what features or technology to add to a product. IoT is impacting business models and in turn industries' very structure, the basis of competitiveness, what it is you sell, and who you partner with. We are starting to see industries being shaken up, a major reshuffling of power and positioning, and new disruptive entrants.

With these potential upheavals looming, it is imperative for organizations to understand the impact to their firm and develop an intelligent strategy soon.

In this research study by ChainLink Research, you'll learn more about:

  • Which Smart Connected Capabilities to Pursue
  • What to Put In the Product vs. In the Cloud
  • Security and Privacy
  • Big Data Questions
  • Using IoT to Transform a Service Business
  • Re-Examining Your Core Value Propositions
  • Ecosystem / Partner Questions
  • Guiding Principles of IoT Success

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