PTC x IoT ONE Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast EP044

How to Marry the Business and the Technology

“Digital” is commonly used as a catch-all term to describe the integration needed to address typical challenges, such as efficiency and supply chain coordination. However, the need for digital transformation can take many forms – you might be a small company bound by disconnected manufacturing assets or a large enterprise with a mishmash of tools and technology from numerous acquisitions. The issue is that companies often don’t know where to start and struggle to get it right by failing to build robust solutions that perform well. This stems from being unable to define what digital means for them and translating business requirements into technical solutions.

In this podcast, Stephanie Mikelbrencis & Steve Sangster of PTC partner Brock Solutions – an engineering solutions and professional services company – discuss the challenges with going digital as well as key factors for success, how systems integrators can optimize the roadmap, and what it means to develop truly real-time solutions.