PTC x IoT ONE Industrial IoT Spotlight Podcast EP043

How to Build Connected Apps for Digital Transformation Across the Entire Organization with Platforms

We’re at the forefront of a digital movement and it’s changing the way businesses operate, how they’re organized, and the markets they play in. IT and OT are converging and allowing companies to break the silos of automation and enable faster innovation. Smart Connected Products and Operations are coming together to unlock new use cases and accelerate time to value. And those that don’t adapt with strategies to match these new levels of connectivity and efficiency risk being left behind.

Howard Heppelmann, General Manager of PTC’s Connected Solutions business, joins host Erik Walenza of IoT ONE to discuss the digital transformation phenomenon and the key technologies that are driving adoption – IoT, AR, Additive Manufacturing, and Digital Technology Platforms. Listen to the podcast to learn how the digital and physical are converging across these tech domains and how each are being deployed to impact operations and products today.