5 Reasons Manufacturers Should Deploy IoT at the Edge


Realize the full potential of IoT at the Edge

Industrial IoT data can help factories make smarter, more informed decisions at faster speeds, but large amounts of high frequency data may put a strain on existing IT infrastructures.

Learn how deploying IoT solutions at the Edge enables manufacturers to minimize downtime, optimize factory inventory, and improve safety and security.


HPE and PTC: Driving Digital Transformation at the Edge

Discover how real-time insights into factory performance can help manufacturers maximize efficiency, lower costs, and increase safety and compliance.


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Living on the Edge

Build an IIoT Infrastructure Using Data from the Edge

Discover why the edge of a network is the starting point on the journey to implementing industrial IoT.

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Smart manufacturing to smart factory to smart enterprise

From smart manufacturing, to smart factory—to smart enterprise

Download the case study to learn how HIROTEC found the ultimate solution to address unplanned downtime with IoT at the Edge.

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