Axendia Survey: IoMT’s Impact on Healthcare

A recent study reveals how the medical device community sees the link between the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) and the emerging outcome-based healthcare economy.

IoMT is changing the business of healthcare

The business of healthcare is undergoing massive transformation, with providers competing based on the quality of outcomes. Medical device manufacturers are also expected to adapt—delivering products capable of capturing, analyzing, safeguarding and sharing data-driven insights within a new healthcare IT ecosystem.

The leading manufacturers are even adapting how they do business. In the process, they’re replacing the model of selling physical devices, with usage-based service models that guarantee uptime and support. This healthcare revolution is made possible through the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)

Axendia surveyed 110 medical device professionals to learn how they perceive IoMT’s relationship to an outcome-driven healthcare economy. Read ‘The Impact of IoMT on Patient Outcomes’ survey results and discover how healthcare leaders are:

  • Prioritizing the biggest IoMT business opportunities.
  • Identifying (and mitigating) potential IoMT risks.
  • Improving products and service levels while reducing costs.