Coffee with an IoT Expert

2 pm CET


Selecting the right platform is central to IoT-driven business transformation. Delight customers, streamline processes, disrupt the competition, discover new ways to grow your business. Learn more about the transformation potential of industrial IoT.

ThingWorx is more than an IoT platform; it provides the functionality, flexibility and scalability that businesses need to drive industrial innovation ─ including the ability to source, contextualize and synthesize data while orchestrating processes and delivering powerful web, mobile and AR experiences.

Join us every Tuesday and Thursday for a live webcast series “Coffee with an IoT expert” and find out more about IoT and Augmented Reality.

In these relaxed, conversational sessions, you’ll meet with one of our experts, see live demos, and get your questions answered.

Don’t miss your chance to participate in our upcoming sessions!

Our Experts


Eric James Hrovoski

Eric James Hrovoski
Technical Presales Specialist

Moulay Rchid El Qomri

Moulay Rchid El Qomri
Presales Supervisor

Alberto Armero Carmona

Alberto Armero Carmona
Presales Technical Specialist

Calendar of events

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6 November 2018
Delivering Enterprise Value with Remote Monitoring
8 November 2018
ThingWorx Foundation product demo
13 November 2018
Augmented Reality for Manufacturing and Maintenance
15 November 2018
Vuforia Studio product demo
20 November 2018
Industrial Analytics: The path to predictive maintenance
22 November 2018
ThingWorx Analytics product demo
27 November 2018
The path to digital manufacturing and Industry 4.0
29 November 2018
Thingworx Industrial Connectivity
5 December 2018
Manufacturing Applications product demo
11 December 2018
Transform Your Service with IoT
13 December 2018
Thingworx Navigate product demo